Hello lovelies, 

Welcome to another episode of Lebanna’s Taste. 

I know you’re wondering where I have been and why you haven’t seen a post in a while. Well,it’s a long story. My face got burnt and the healing seems to take a loooong time than I expected. Anyway I got something for you. 

ENTRY: Gifts for the guys    

Ladies y’all know how hard it is to find the best gift for your boyfriend. It could be for the holidays, for his birthday, for your anniversary or an appreciation gift. Personally finding a gift gives me a headache,I always want to be sweet without being cheesy or scaring him off. Urgh!!!such times. 

So I did some research from my guy friends and I came up with some ideas from the information I got. It may not be perfect for your boyfriend but at least you have somewhere to start from.


You’re looking for a gift to give him and no idea clicks on your mind. Well guess what, that same wallet you’ve been seeing him with and you wonder when he’s going to change it can be replaced with a new wallet as a gift. I believe all men and boys got to have a nice wallet and getting him a classy one won’t hurt.


Another good idea is a watch. I know you’re thinking yesss!! This is so easy to find because watches are sold everywhere. I gotta stop you there. Trust me, guys don’t easily get attached to something not unless it is special. If you buy him a watch that is common he’s going to lose it or just lend it to his buddies and that’s how your gift is going to be a waste. Get him a good unique watch that he won’t get enough of,one that he won’t remove from his wrist even for the buddies. 

I am talking about socks, shirts, boxers, backpacks(especially if he is a backpacker) and any other clothing. This is the trickiest gift to give especially if he has a high sense of fashion. You have to be very keen when shopping for these. I am a sucker for these and maybe that is why my ex still wears the clothes I got him 😂😂


I easily trash my socks because of the holes, sometimes loss of elasticity and I know most of you go through this. This is no exception for the guys. A pair of socks would be a great gift for your boyfriend. But he is probably going to trash them after some weeks or a month when they wear out. So get him the thick ones that will keep him warm during the cold days and cozy during the warm days. Most of the thick socks last for long without wearing off, even half an year. 


Let me give you a tip when shopping for boxers as gifts. I see different brands when buying them for my small brother and I know the classy ones and the “other ones”. My advice is you buy him the classy ones that he won’t trash easily. For example if you buy him an original cotton Calvin Klein boxer, that guy will keep it even after you breakup and girl every time he picks it to wear it, you know what it will do to his mind. 

Cuff links.    

If you have no idea on what to give him as a gift and he is into shirts but you’ve never seen him with cuff links, well, upgrade his style with a pair of cuff links. Cuff links are stylish and fashionable and they can make a huge difference in a shirt. He’ll have you to thank for the upgrade. 

…..Grooming Kit.    

Men love grooming more than they like to admit it. After all who likes unkemptess. This would be a huge way to make his grooming feel more awesome. A grooming kit can have any amount of items so you don’t have to spend a lot to get one if cash is an issue. Here is an example of a simple one that serves the purpose. 

.….Phone case.   

I know someone who has a phone case that his ex gave him and his reason is because the case looks so luxurious to trash it. Your boyfriend probably has one but it won’t hurt to have a new one ready for when the old one wears out. You never know, he could also change to the new one you got him. 

.….Bottle openers.    

If your boyfriend loves poping the bottles so much then it’s time to surprise him with a bottle opener. Especially if he likes to pop them with his teeth, save him the huge dentist bills in the future. But if you ask me a bottle opener is not oftenly used and is easily forgotten so find one that is equipped as a multi tool. For example with blades, a knife,screwdriver and anything else manly.

.….Key Holder.    

This is something that I would get as a rush hour gift. Most guys don’t bother to buy a key holder and I usually wonder why. Putting your key up the window or under the door mat because you don’t have a key holder isn’t cool. This could be a rescue gift if he doesn’t have one. It may be a personalized one with his name or a sweet message on it or a custom manly one. 

.…. Classic Pen and Diary.   

You will be surprised at how much some guys love writing. The geeks, poem writers or those who love putting all their secrets and emotions into writing. If your boyfriend is into that kind of thing, save his day with such a lovely gift.


Hope this was helpful and I wish you all the best in finding a lovely gift for him. If I left something out enlighten me in the comments.

Enjoy your trendy days, 

Xoxo,  Lebanna Ngina



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  1. Seventeen says:

    This is golden 🌟


    1. Wow, I have to agree if it inspires 👌


  2. mojayk says:

    Well you’ve really done your research well… Bravo😉


    1. Thanks, I know that notebook part gave you jigijigis 😂😂😂


  3. Celestine says:

    Wow this one just came at the very right time. It’s just one day to his birthday,,,,,I’m now glad that I’ve got several ideas
    Thanks for the tips Ngina

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome boo, hope you get the best gift 😊


  4. Demlah says:

    😂I was blind😂But now I see😁😁
    Thanks for the tips


    1. 😁I’m glad I gave you the insight,You’re welcome boo


  5. Bestmoever says:

    Thanks for the tips hun
    Na pole.


    1. You’re welcome… Thanks


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