Hello lovelies,

Welcome to another episode of Lebanna’s Taste. 

Today’s post is about fashion and styleThe two words can be very confusing if you don’t know the difference. So I decided to write this post with some information for you.

Fashion is about what’s out there, what designers offer us with. Style is a sign of saying who you are without speaking, it’s more about being yourself. Fashion fades, style remains the same. Fashion distracts, style connects. 

Fashion is hard to keep up with because with every season comes a new trend. Style is more of long-lasting factors like upbringing, our different cultures, body types, the weather, religion, politics. Different professions also affect our style.

According to me style is much more interesting than fashion. What’s more interesting to you? Is it fashion, is it style?

My style is more of a “never say never” kind of style. I’m all mood based, it depends on how I feel when I wake up. Obviously there are clothes out there that I can’t wear. Damn right, those that you wear and go out looking like you’re in a halloween costume. Why do they even call those fashion?

I like experimenting with different outfit combinations by giving my personal touch. Kinda like using creativity to personalize my outfits freely not worrying about breaking the fashion rules out there. Actually my trick is to break the fashion rules and break them really well. All I need is a killer wardrobe,No rules. But of course I incorporate fashion in my style for a strong touch. 

When buying a clothing or accessory I find myself asking what do I like about this clothing, is it the color, pattern,type? How can I style it with my other clothes? Will it work on my body? And many more questions. 

Fashion is accepted by a lot of people. So it’s always good to be unique by having a distinct style. According to research, we all have our own unique style. What’s your style? What’s your take on Fashion and Style? Let’s chat about it in the comments.

Enjoy your trendy days,

Xoxo, Lebanna Ngina.