Hello good people,
Welcome to another episode of Lebanna’s Taste.

Entry: Neutrals.  

I decided to stick to neutrality in today’s outfit. Mostly gray and black. First what do neutral colours mean? Think of unsaturated with colour or simply no colour. Neutral colours are earth-toned colours that don’t stand out and just blend with any other colour. They can go with anything and everything. 

They are shades of taupe, white, cream, silver, black, tan, beige, brown, grey, golds, ivory. I know you are thinking Urgh! These colours look staid but trust me, no wardrobe is complete without neutrals.

Neutrals give an excellent styling foundation. They allow you to highlight vibrant and brighter colours without looking “too much”. If you have that multicoloured statement necklace that you wonder how it will stand out without making you look like a rainbow,neutrals are your solution. I did that with my shoulder bag( It’s not that bright though).

You can also incorporate patterns and prints to neutrals for a depth in the whole outfit, how perfect is that. In my outfit I added a little leopard print in my shoes and as you can see the outfit doesn’t look too busy as compared to if I had worn the same shoes with brighter pants and tee.

I chose gray and black because the two colours blend in the sense of warm and cool neutrals. Warm neutrals are shades of brown, golds, tans, black, beige. Cool neutrals are white, gray, ivory, cream, silver shades.

You can also tuck in the shirt as desired.

I paired the outfit with heels for a sophisticated look. I would have gone for sneakers but the outfit would look less chic…..

Invest on neutrals and you’ll see how getting dressed becomes effortless. A combination of neutrals is easy to work with and the end result is simple and elegant. They are also timeless……They never go out of style.

Haha something was in my eye

               I was wearing:                  Straight high low grey tee.
Black leather pants.                  

Beautiful pale purple shoulder bag. 

 A pair of black heels with leopard print. 

Thank you for reading.What do you think of my look? Tell me in the comments.

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Enjoy your trendy days,


Lebanna Ngina.




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  1. Abel says:

    Wow .this amazes me .good


  2. Mawia Ngei says:

    Thanks for the insight

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome Mawia. Hope you try it out….


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