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Entry: Black Flare Dress. 

The “little black dress”  Fashion has survived since 1926 courtesy of the french designer Garielle Chaneland has continued to grow in popularity till today. When it was first featured in the American vogue the dress was simple, universal and accesible to women of all social classes. Over the centuries fashion has modified the LBD to suit everyone’s style and it has become a necessity in every female’s wardrobe.

When I saw this dress I instantly wanted it in my life. I love my Little Black Dress because a fit and flare dress is a style that will always be my friend! It’s also sleeveless so it’s comfortable to wear throughout the year.It’s also easy to style. 

So here are 8 ways to style my LBD.

How To Style -The Little Black Dress (LBD) |8 Ways:

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Enjoy your trendy days, 

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  1. kelvinmurrey says:

    nice work and excellent ideas…keep doing it big dear

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